12 Accurate Shooting Tips For Spring Piston Air Rifles

This air rifle tips and tricks article is for developing your accuracy and perform best when shooting with spring piston pellet guns. You may wish you have known these wonderful tips beforehand, since they are will correct your wrong move and significantly improve your performance.


  • Remember, every new airgun needs a break in time, so be patient before the air rifle comes to its prime state.
  • Be patient for first shots. You may have inconsistent groups for the first 100 shots. Worry not! Normally, a spring piston air rifle requires around 500 to 1000 shots to properly break in.
  • Never bench rest your air rifle, or any part of the gun for that matter, on a rigid surface or solid object.
  • Make your shooting surface stable with sand bags, pillows, folded quilts or tactical backpack. They will be good shooting surfaces that help stabilize the gun so as to you can confirm the airgun’s accuracy better.
  • Always protect your pellet gun barrel. Do not rest the barrel on any surface while shooting.
  • Put the air rifle in placed so that it is always resting and pointing at an exact target point without the need of holding. As the gun is set up, you can then easily get into the shooting position without the risk of changing sight picture. Your will get more accurate shots as long as the human interfere is limited in setting and aiming the target.
  • Remember you should squeeze the trigger, not pulling or jerking it, for most accurate shot.
  • Be sure to follow all shots to the very end. That is mean try not to blink while firing and focus solely on the point of aim.
  • Loosely hold the air rifle at the forearm and in the shoulder. Do not hold the spring guns tightly since the accuracy will decrease.
  • A stable position and grip will release the most accurate shots. Any change in your shooting position or grip can change your aimed point, thus, decrease the accuracy.
  • Get used to your air rifle and your pellets. Just like knife, air rifle is a personal thing. To attain the best air rifle shooting performance, you should try a sampler pack of pellets to choose the most comfortable and best air rifle pellets type and size.
  • Only use high quality airgun pellet. They are precisely manufactured for best accurate shot. Beside, good grade pellet will help protect your gun, while low quality calibers will wear your gun badly.
  • Do not dry fire a spring piston air rifle. Doing that will damage your gun.


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The tips above have been tested and recognized by many knowledgeable air rifle users. If you have any good tips and tricks in airgun shooting, do not hesitate to put them into practice and discuss here. Keep calm and aim well!

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