7 Benefits Of Using An Survival Air Rifle

The Glory Of Airguns

Airguns have a rich history and with the current technology, a good survival air rifle is an excellent choice in your survival gears. This silent weapon excels in small game hunting such as birds, rabbits, squirrel, and other small game animals.

In the good old day, air rifles were presented in many battles and events, too. For example, the Girandon air rifle was used during the Lewis and Clark Expedition circa 1780‘s. This early airgun was be able to penetrate ply wood at 100 yards. Although this gun is required to be pumped over 1200 times to reach enough pressure for firing 40 bullets, it was still an excellent weapon at the time. The velocity of bullet was 450-650fps, which was equal with black powder rifle at that time. That means air rifles are no toys, they used to be the proud of their owners in the past. Recently, their prime become to come back with new technologies and refinement.

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What you need is a good air rifle, pellet tins and your pump. No need of powder, primer or other complicated things. You can also make your own pellets, too.

Why Should You Have An Survival Air Rifle?

When you are using an air rifle, there are 7 main benefits as follow:

  • Air rifles have very quiet shots. Even if you miss the first shot, there are no loud sound so the game are still unaware of what happen in the area.
  • Pellet guns are easy to shoot. They are easy to point with and are user friendly for inexperienced shooters or even beginners.
  • Airguns often have reasonable price. So are the calibers. You can practice with air rifles with limited budget. Beside, spring driven airguns only need pressured air provided by a pump to shoot, which is great in long term usage.
  • Pellet rifles have iron sights and they are very accurate. With a good air rifle scope, the shooter can shoot very close groups. Even small game may be shot down easily with 10 – 50 yards distance.
  • Air guns are legal to own and shoot in most areas. They are not considered firearms and are not required gun permissions to own. That will save you a lot of troubles.
  • Air rifles make an ideal hidden gun. It can be kept secret from outsiders with an air-sealed container, together with some pellets box, and a maintenance kit. You only need a PVC pipe with 2 end caps and that is it. You can bury the container, or hide whenever you like.
  • Airgun pellets will not lose their quality easily. The pellet is just a simple metal piece, and there are no cases, powder, or primers to worry about. You can even cast your own calibers by yourself with minimum tool supplies.

After sealing off the airgun into your container, safely hide it in a secret spot. In a crisis, retrieve them as your hunting air rifle or a defensive weapon. It is strong enough for hunting, even big game, yet quiet enough for sneaky action. For defensive purpose, it serves great since the pellet’s velocity is good enough to drive off intruders. When the situation become worse, it can handle things seriously with a slight change of aiming points.


Whenever you want to choose survival weapons, consider a good pellet gun for your gear, especially your best air rifle for hunting since that is its main function. Spring pistons are recommended since they do not need air source such as SCUBA tansk or CO2 cartridges, just a pump which is good for long term usage. They are inexpensive, accurate and quiet, yet strong enough to handle everything from hunting or defense. Ammunition is cheap, easy to obtain. Yes, a survival air rifle is an excellent choice for your long term off-grid survival plan.

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