How To Choose High Quality CO2 For Your Air Rifle

Why High Quality CO2 Is Important to your air rifles?

Air rifle CO2 cartridges are very inportant, since most of the troubles involving CO2 driven air rifles are unworkable and clogged valves or failed o-rings and seals. In most cases, low quality CO2 cylindesr were the main cause of these troubles. The working life and performance of your CO2 airgun’s valve and seals are seriously determined by the quality of the CO2 you are using. Other factor is the type of seal that the cylinder makes against the o-ring. Impure CO2 can decrease the pellets’ velocities and lower the number of shots per cylinder.

Tips To Choose The Best CO2 For Your Airguns

There are many brands of CO2 cartridges on the market today and you should choose the cleanest CO2 for your gun. However, it is almost impossible to know brands offer the highest quality CO2. There are some ways you can know, for example, going through several o-rings or cutting open the capsules to check the inside.

In this sample, a “good capsule” and a “bad capsule” were cut open to help demonstrate the idea. As you can see, the bad boy here had unusual amounts of oil and grit coating the capsule walls. On the other hand, the good capsule is very clean.

Bad airgun CO2 cartridge has oil grit and coating inside, while good CO2 capsule is very clean.

Bad airgun CO2 cartridge has oil grit and coating inside, while good CO2 capsule is very clean.

Low quality capsules often have CO2 leak. The most common leakage problem is initiated by a CO2 capsule’s tip which make a bad seal against the o-ring. There are no less than three different styles of caps and some type suits your airgun while some don’t. You should try the sample before buying a large number of CO2 capsules for usage. This had to do with the valve design and cap compatibles.

good quality CO2

Another thing to note is that some capsules have odd shapes which will not fit your airgun valve which causes severe leakage. In that case, don’t be a penny pincher and try to use pliers to force the capsules into your gun’s valve. This action will damage the gun’s frame and puncture assembly. Simply buy a better ones, and never turn back the bad brands.

CO2 capsule cap

You can put a drop of air rifle valve oil on the CO2 capsules’ tips. This drop of oil can help prevent CO2 leakage and extend the valves and o-rings time of service.

Read those tips carefully and you can enjoy shooting with your best air rifle for a very long time.

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