12 Accurate Shooting Tips For Spring Piston Air Rifles

This air rifle tips and tricks article is for developing your accuracy and perform best when shooting with spring piston pellet guns. You may wish you have known these wonderful tips beforehand, since they are will correct your wrong move and significantly improve your performance.


  • Remember, every new airgun needs a break in time, so be patient before the air rifle comes to its prime state.
  • Be patient for first shots. You may have inconsistent groups for the first 100 shots. Worry not! Normally, a spring piston air rifle requires around 500 to 1000 shots to properly break in.
  • Never bench rest your air rifle, or any part of the gun for that matter, on a rigid surface or solid object.
  • Make your shooting surface stable with sand bags, pillows, folded quilts or tactical backpack. They will be good shooting surfaces that help stabilize the gun so as to you can confirm the airgun’s accuracy better.
  • Always protect your pellet gun barrel. Do not rest the barrel on any surface while shooting.
  • Put the air rifle in placed so that it is always resting and pointing at an exact target point without the need of holding. As the gun is set up, you can then easily get into the shooting position without the risk of changing sight picture. Your will get more accurate shots as long as the human interfere is limited in setting and aiming the target.
  • Remember you should squeeze the trigger, not pulling or jerking it, for most accurate shot.
  • Be sure to follow all shots to the very end. That is mean try not to blink while firing and focus solely on the point of aim.
  • Loosely hold the air rifle at the forearm and in the shoulder. Do not hold the spring guns tightly since the accuracy will decrease.
  • A stable position and grip will release the most accurate shots. Any change in your shooting position or grip can change your aimed point, thus, decrease the accuracy.
  • Get used to your air rifle and your pellets. Just like knife, air rifle is a personal thing. To attain the best air rifle shooting performance, you should try a sampler pack of pellets to choose the most comfortable and best air rifle pellets type and size.
  • Only use high quality airgun pellet. They are precisely manufactured for best accurate shot. Beside, good grade pellet will help protect your gun, while low quality calibers will wear your gun badly.
  • Do not dry fire a spring piston air rifle. Doing that will damage your gun.


–> Click here to view the detailed content of the sampler kit above.

The tips above have been tested and recognized by many knowledgeable air rifle users. If you have any good tips and tricks in airgun shooting, do not hesitate to put them into practice and discuss here. Keep calm and aim well!

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The Love Toward Air Rifle

The popularity of air rifles for hunting, pest control, plinking and target shooting increase drastically as the firearms ammunition continues to rise.
High velocity air rifles, such as the Benjamin Trail NP .177 or the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle are eye-catching to those who are looking for max speed shooting. In most cases, .177 caliber air rifles are favorite subjects for plinking or target shooting due to their great speed and accuracy. Shooters that have honed their skills with their .177 caliber air rifles are able to use them for pest control and small game hunting, too. However, the best air rifles for small game hunting belong to the .22 calibers category. The energy caused by the impact from a well-placed shot with a high powered pellet gun can easily take down bird, squirrel, rabbit or other small game.

air rifle shooting precaution

Make good preparation and secured safety before enjoy your shooting practice.

Since the firearms ammunition price continuously rise, sidearm owners who love shooting sport turn their favor to air pistols, which offer them the same pleasure with much more economical spending. An airgun shooter can enjoy his or her target shooting with quality lead pellets or steel airgun-grade BBs for just a few pennies. Beside, some air pistols features feel and performance just like the real deal. If you are in law enforcement and you need to practice target shooting every day, you can choose a Walther PPK/S BB pistol which is really similar in weight and function of your actual sidearm. It will provide a realistic recoil action and will remain in the backward position even when the magazine is empty.
You can use airguns without a gun license, which is great and less problematic than owning a real firear m. Another great contributing point to the popularity of air rifles is that users can practice virtually anywhere, from firing range or garage, backyard as long as or safety range is secured. To make sure, you should check the local airgun laws and build your own airgun ammunition trap and backstop. Read the airgun tips carefully to make a good practice day, avoiding any person or objects to be hit by your stray bullets.
Also, owning and using a good air pellet rifle is not separated from maintaining it. Learn the proper way of caring your air rifle, and if possible, take good accessories such as scope, pellets… alongside with it for best leisure and performance. Always keep in mind a precaution and you are prepared for your airgun recreation.

–> Most Powerful Air Rifle Shooting Tips

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The Best Air Rifles Gears For Hunting Videography

When you are going to an air rifle hunting trip, maybe you will want to record your hunting process your memorial moment or informative purpose. When you are about to enter a target shooting field, you can bring a lot of equipment with no problem. However when you are on the hunting field, the loading capability is limited, hence your gears should be more selective. Carefully consider what gear do you need, and why is that? More important, how will you pack and carry the gears you selected? You can read this air rifle hunting gears reviews as relevance and depend on your situation, choose the most suitable set up at your own interest.

The main content of this set up:

  • The Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC .177 caliber air rifle
  • The Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 air rifle scope
  • Pellets (of course)
  • Bipods – Deben Tilt & Vanguard Equalizer 2
  • Sling – Vanguard Gun Hugger Deluxe
  • Rangefinder – Rudolph LRY05-800
  • Anemometer – Weatherflow Windmeter


The preparation for a hunting trip, with video-capturing purpose.

The Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC .177 is very accurate. The .177 calibers give good force for bird and small games hunting. It is a PCP pellet gun which is good for continuous shooting. A gas tank (bright color) is also included.
The Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 air rifle scope offers an illuminated red/green reticle with 5 levels of brightness for all day shooting from dust till dawn and an adjustable ocular focus with anti-recoil lock ring. Using this scope, a view from 10 yards to infinity can be achieved.
The .177 pellets are fine grain high quality projectiles which are essential for accurate shots and they will help protect your airgun, too. Do not use cheap, poorly crafted pellets! They will destroy your air rifle.
The bipods offer great stability for your precise aim, and the Vanguard Equalizer 2 will bi great for capturing hunting videos.
The sling offers the most comfort when dragging a good amount of weight the whole day.
The rangefinder and anemometer will help calculating shooting activities.

The Best Air Rifles Gears For Hunting Videography

A close-up view of the set up. From left to right: the tool boxes, camera equipment, air rifle, rangefinders, anemometers, cards, backup batteries and pellets.

Expect to use a good pack with assorted pouches to carry all the essential equipment. The heavy ones will be put on the car. Only the light and instant-use gear such as battery, pellet, camera…will be put in the pack.

air rifle hunting camera

Camera equipment, including a GoPro

DJI Phantom for air rifle hunting

Sometime, you can do aerial photography and filming with a DJI Phantom, too. This act should be done with companions.

This is somewhat a semi-professional setup. You can choose what you need and make a good set up by your self. If you only intend to take trophy pictures, some of the camera gears are not really necessary. However, for real footage video or “through the scope” view, they are on the list. Overall, this is a good reference your your list. Remember, a good pellet rifle, a good airgun scope and your own skills are the basic parts that you should put on priority. Keep calm and aim well!


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Three Best Air Rifle Scopes For Under $150

The Importance Of A Good Airgun Scope

In air rifle shooting, aim is the vital point to get the most accurate hit which means without a good scope, there is no best pellet gun. Without proper aim, you will hit nothing and will get nothing on all hunting trips.

If you want to improve your aim, the best way is to get a high quality air rifle scope. Using the scope, you can aim better, shoot more accurate and confidently hone your skill. In hunting, a good air rifle scope can help you aim at vital points of the preys, thus a humane instant kill is guaranteed. Yes, just like the old saying “a sharp knife is a safe knife”, you can say an accurate air rifle is the best air rifle.

You may find yourself lost in hundreds of scope brands on the market. However, from our shooting experience, you should buy a one-stop scope that can be used for a long time. Do not be a penny pincher and buy a proper scope, you will see it is well worth the money. You should expect to pay around $100 or more for a good scope. For under $150 category, we suggest three models with very high rating and recommendation of previous users:

  • The Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope
  • The UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope
  • The UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

There are several reasons why we consider those three are the best scopes for air rifle. Details will be broken down in the next part for each product. You can read and choose the preferred at your own interest.

The Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope

Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope


Tactical Mil-dot Estimating

Tactical Mil-dot Estimating


This scope is easily one of the most common airgun scopes on the market currently. The price is reasonable and the features are excellent. Most users are very pleased with its performance.

Pros: According to many users, this scope is easy to zoom and offer good image at higher magnification. You can adjust the exit pupil depend on your eye condition and the environmental condition for best result.

Cons: The parallax adjustment needs a wheel for easier adjustment. The reticle color amount should be improved for better performance.

The UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope


This is a very popular air rifle scope for hunting, plinking and target shooting alike. This scope can be used with firearms and airsoft guns, too.

Pros: This scope is 13.27 inches long with a 50 mm adjustable objective lens, which offers a 35.6 ft to 12 ft field of view. This strong scope also features emerald coated optics, nitrogen-filled inner space, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof. There is a multicolor illumination, not to mention the great zero lock/reset target turrets.

Cons: There are some feedback from users that they want a bigger reticle and a 11mm clamp rings. Others say they are fine with it. Maybe it is personal preference but in the future, manufactures should make some variety to please their customers.

The UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope


This is an expensive airgun scope but you will get a very high quality and strong scope.

Pros: You can see everything clearly since this scope offer a very close range view (less than 10 yards). The larger view can help you shoot target from far away at ease. The multi-color mil-dot reticle is especially useful for hunting and shooting bullseye targets. The scope body is strong, shockproof, rainproof and fogproof and is able to take on any recoil from spring piston air rifle. It is really not for the faint heart.

Cons: While many people are pleased with the illuminated reticle, some do not. Some other comments prefer a different dot size and an improved horizontal view, too.

What Is The Best Air Rifle Scope For You?

All in all, the three scopes mentioned above are all good options. You can read several air rifle scopes reviews or guides to decide what the best is for you. You surely will not be disappointed with any of the three, just a matter of preference.

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Guide To Choose The Best Air Rifle Scope

The best air rifle is not complete without a good scope, which is essential for the highest accurate shooting performance.
You should know two basic points before go in details about choosing the suitable scope:
– If you use a recoilless air rifle such as a pre-charged pneumatic airgun, single-cock pneumatic or CO2 driven pellet gun, virtually any scope can be used.
– A spring driven pellet rifle is diffirent since you have to to pick out a scope that is matched with the recoil rating of that air gun.
Knowing the basic points, you should be aware that there are two features of air rifle scope are different from those of a firearm scope. They are the adjustable objective and the anchored optics mounted on the handle of the two way recoil of a spring pellet gun. The details are explained in the following paragraphs.

air rifle scope aim

Choose the best scope for your air rifle! It will worth a treasure in your hunting trip.

Good Airgun Scope Have Good Adjustable Objective

The adjustable objective feature that is suitable for airgun allows the users to zoom for any distance from a close distance of 10 yards to the horizon. In most cases, firearm scopes are set for 100 yards or more to provide accommodations for long distance shooting which is typical in firearm hunting. On the other hand, air rifle hunting, like bow hunting, requires shooters to get close to the targets (typically 20 to 50 yards); therefore airgun scopes must allow the user to change the parallax to accommodate for shorter shooting distances. This feature is necessary to get the most accurate air rifle.

Specific Anchored Optics For Spring Aiguns

Anchored optics are the optics anchored front and back to lever the forward and backward recoil initiated by the mainspring’s movement. Recoil in a spring air rifle is different than that of in a firearm. It is not only the total of recoil that matters but the recoil direction has effect as well. The mainsprings is the reason why a pellet gun makes recoil backward and forward whereas firearms only recoil backward. The two-direction recoil action is the main cause of damaging ordinary scopes. That is why an anchored optics are necessary.
Firearms scopes have optics anchored to lever the backward drive of the recoil. while air rifle scopes require specific anchored optics that are able to to handle the two-way recoil movement caused by the mainspring action. Remember that all recoil ratings are not the same which mean that not all airgun-rated scopes are the same. You should check the recoil ratings carefully before buying. Even though a manufacturer may rate a scope for airguns, it may not handle all spring airguns. There are air rifle rated scopes designed to be used with light recoil airguns while others are made to handle the medium or high recoil spring pellet guns. Air rifles typically will be listed with note of Low, Medium, High or No Recoil. Most scopes are also shown if they are suitable with low, medium or high Recoil air rifles.

air rifle scope terminology

Knowing some of the air rifle scope terminology will help you choose a good one.

All in all, that are basic airgun scopes features. If you want to know more, you should read specific air rifle scope reviews on our website, which are the real feedback from users who have used and experience many types of airguns and scopes.

–> Learn how to aim well at your preys while hunting.

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