The Best Air Rifles Gears For Hunting Videography

When you are going to an air rifle hunting trip, maybe you will want to record your hunting process your memorial moment or informative purpose. When you are about to enter a target shooting field, you can bring a lot of equipment with no problem. However when you are on the hunting field, the loading capability is limited, hence your gears should be more selective. Carefully consider what gear do you need, and why is that? More important, how will you pack and carry the gears you selected? You can read this air rifle hunting gears reviews as relevance and depend on your situation, choose the most suitable set up at your own interest.

The main content of this set up:

  • The Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC .177 caliber air rifle
  • The Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 air rifle scope
  • Pellets (of course)
  • Bipods – Deben Tilt & Vanguard Equalizer 2
  • Sling – Vanguard Gun Hugger Deluxe
  • Rangefinder – Rudolph LRY05-800
  • Anemometer – Weatherflow Windmeter


The preparation for a hunting trip, with video-capturing purpose.

The Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC .177 is very accurate. The .177 calibers give good force for bird and small games hunting. It is a PCP pellet gun which is good for continuous shooting. A gas tank (bright color) is also included.
The Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 air rifle scope offers an illuminated red/green reticle with 5 levels of brightness for all day shooting from dust till dawn and an adjustable ocular focus with anti-recoil lock ring. Using this scope, a view from 10 yards to infinity can be achieved.
The .177 pellets are fine grain high quality projectiles which are essential for accurate shots and they will help protect your airgun, too. Do not use cheap, poorly crafted pellets! They will destroy your air rifle.
The bipods offer great stability for your precise aim, and the Vanguard Equalizer 2 will bi great for capturing hunting videos.
The sling offers the most comfort when dragging a good amount of weight the whole day.
The rangefinder and anemometer will help calculating shooting activities.

The Best Air Rifles Gears For Hunting Videography

A close-up view of the set up. From left to right: the tool boxes, camera equipment, air rifle, rangefinders, anemometers, cards, backup batteries and pellets.

Expect to use a good pack with assorted pouches to carry all the essential equipment. The heavy ones will be put on the car. Only the light and instant-use gear such as battery, pellet, camera…will be put in the pack.

air rifle hunting camera

Camera equipment, including a GoPro

DJI Phantom for air rifle hunting

Sometime, you can do aerial photography and filming with a DJI Phantom, too. This act should be done with companions.

This is somewhat a semi-professional setup. You can choose what you need and make a good set up by your self. If you only intend to take trophy pictures, some of the camera gears are not really necessary. However, for real footage video or “through the scope” view, they are on the list. Overall, this is a good reference your your list. Remember, a good pellet rifle, a good airgun scope and your own skills are the basic parts that you should put on priority. Keep calm and aim well!


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