Three Best Air Rifle Scopes For Under $150

The Importance Of A Good Airgun Scope

In air rifle shooting, aim is the vital point to get the most accurate hit which means without a good scope, there is no best pellet gun. Without proper aim, you will hit nothing and will get nothing on all hunting trips.

If you want to improve your aim, the best way is to get a high quality air rifle scope. Using the scope, you can aim better, shoot more accurate and confidently hone your skill. In hunting, a good air rifle scope can help you aim at vital points of the preys, thus a humane instant kill is guaranteed. Yes, just like the old saying “a sharp knife is a safe knife”, you can say an accurate air rifle is the best air rifle.

You may find yourself lost in hundreds of scope brands on the market. However, from our shooting experience, you should buy a one-stop scope that can be used for a long time. Do not be a penny pincher and buy a proper scope, you will see it is well worth the money. You should expect to pay around $100 or more for a good scope. For under $150 category, we suggest three models with very high rating and recommendation of previous users:

  • The Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope
  • The UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope
  • The UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

There are several reasons why we consider those three are the best scopes for air rifle. Details will be broken down in the next part for each product. You can read and choose the preferred at your own interest.

The Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope

Leapers 3-12×44 AO SWAT Accushot Rifle Scope


Tactical Mil-dot Estimating

Tactical Mil-dot Estimating


This scope is easily one of the most common airgun scopes on the market currently. The price is reasonable and the features are excellent. Most users are very pleased with its performance.

Pros: According to many users, this scope is easy to zoom and offer good image at higher magnification. You can adjust the exit pupil depend on your eye condition and the environmental condition for best result.

Cons: The parallax adjustment needs a wheel for easier adjustment. The reticle color amount should be improved for better performance.

The UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking/Reset True Hunter Rifle Scope


This is a very popular air rifle scope for hunting, plinking and target shooting alike. This scope can be used with firearms and airsoft guns, too.

Pros: This scope is 13.27 inches long with a 50 mm adjustable objective lens, which offers a 35.6 ft to 12 ft field of view. This strong scope also features emerald coated optics, nitrogen-filled inner space, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof. There is a multicolor illumination, not to mention the great zero lock/reset target turrets.

Cons: There are some feedback from users that they want a bigger reticle and a 11mm clamp rings. Others say they are fine with it. Maybe it is personal preference but in the future, manufactures should make some variety to please their customers.

The UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope

UTG 30MM AccuShot 4-16X44 IE Scope


This is an expensive airgun scope but you will get a very high quality and strong scope.

Pros: You can see everything clearly since this scope offer a very close range view (less than 10 yards). The larger view can help you shoot target from far away at ease. The multi-color mil-dot reticle is especially useful for hunting and shooting bullseye targets. The scope body is strong, shockproof, rainproof and fogproof and is able to take on any recoil from spring piston air rifle. It is really not for the faint heart.

Cons: While many people are pleased with the illuminated reticle, some do not. Some other comments prefer a different dot size and an improved horizontal view, too.

What Is The Best Air Rifle Scope For You?

All in all, the three scopes mentioned above are all good options. You can read several air rifle scopes reviews or guides to decide what the best is for you. You surely will not be disappointed with any of the three, just a matter of preference.

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