5 Reasons Your Family Should Own a Pellet Gun

When thinking of family bonding, most people think of game night or eating dinner together. Few people will think of pellet guns as a safe and fun way for families to spend time together. However, they can be extremely useful for bonding while learning a new skill together, providing confidence to children and teaching children about gun safety.

What is a pellet gun?

A pellet projectile is non-spherical, unlike a BB, and is designed to fire from an air gun. Pellet guns differ from other firearms in that they “operate at pressures as low as 50 atmospheres, while firearms operate at thousands of atmospheres.”1 Pellet guns are good for hunting small game like rabbit, dove, quail or duck. They are easy to use with practice and proper safety training.Best-Scope-for-a-Pellet-Gun-including-Best-Scope-for-an-Air-Rifle

Why get a pellet gun for your family?

Low Cost

Ammunition for pellet guns is extremely cheap. A few dollars will get you hundreds of pellets. Traditional ammunition is typically much more expensive, which makes it precious and more painful if you spend them up practicing with your family. If you adopt pellet guns as a hobby, you’ll want ample pellets at your disposal.  Find our selections for the best air rifle.


Pellet guns are great to use while teaching children about gun safety for many reasons, one of which being that they’re silent. You don’t have to worry about their small ears or intimidating shy kids with a huge booming gun. Not only that, but silence allows for privacy while practicing and shooting.

Open Carry

Laws concerning firearms are serious and should not be bent. “Open carrying or storing of firearms in a vehicle or in public is prohibited in most areas, but there is no such restriction regarding pellet guns in most areas.”2 This means if you want to take a camping trip or travel with the family and bring your pellet guns along, you should be good to go. (Although you should always check with your local law enforcement agency to be sure.)

Benefit for Children

Over the last decade or so, a staggering number of people – adult and child – have lost their lives due to children improperly handling guns. Many people want to teach their children about guns and gun safety, but choose the wrong weapon. However, properly learning to shoot can help children on many levels.

“Lining up the sights on a distant target takes deep concentration. Children must slow their breathing and tune into the beat of their hearts to be able to squeeze the trigger at precisely the right moment. […] touching the trigger correctly takes small motor skills; doing both at once engages the whole brain. Marksmanship is an exercise in a high order of body-hand-eye-mind coordination.”3

Given the size of pellet guns and smaller degree of possible damage than a rifle or handgun, for example, they make great tools with which to teach your children about gun safety.

Confidence and Bonding

Learning a new skill as a family and creating a unique tradition in your home can have lasting effects on the relationship between you and your children. Learning new skills imbues children with confidence and gun safety has the added benefit of teaching them respect for the weapon and the lives of others. Carrying this skill with them as they grow older can provide them with a unique degree of confidence. Spending time together as a family, no matter how you do it, is beneficial. Why not choose something fun and interesting that can help your child learn to be safe?

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