Air Arms S400 Biathlon Air Rifle Review


The Air Arms S400 Biathlon Air Rifle is easily perfectly balanced air rifle for those who expect the best air rifle for small games and pest control.

Air Arms S400 Biathlon Air Rifle - 0.177 Caliber

This pellet gun is developed and built to be comfortable in the hunting field as it is on the Hunter Field Target course. As the name stated, the Air Arms S400 Precision Biathlon pellet rifle performs top-class accuracy. Air Arms is long-famed for making extremely accurate guns and the S400 Biathlon is one of the best pellet gun they have ever made. This air rifle is made up with a unique white poplar stock, an adjustable black cheek piece and a rubberized butt pad. If you do not wish to shoot competitively and just want a great accurate repeater pellet gun, just unload the open sights and install a compact scope on the dovetail of rear sight. Since the dovetail is pretty short, a 2-piece mount is recommended for this task.

Remember to keep your extra rotary clips in the slots of the right-hand forearm to load them before each match to make sure there will be no fumbling when the pressure is on. This is indeed a noble air rifle! Beautiful like a gentleman and performs powerful as a soldier.

S400 Biathlon Air Rifle Features Review

Air Arms S400 Biathlon air rifle

Pre-charged pneumatic

Bolt-action mechanism

5-shot repeater (self-indexing rotary clip)

Removable air reservoir

Match sights: globe front accepts inserts, rear diopter (not mounted)

Rear sight fits on an 7/16” (11mm) dovetail

5-way adjustable match trigger

Lothar Walther barrel

White poplar stock

Cheekpiece adjusts vertically and horizontally

Vertically adjustable Buttpad

4 rotary clips fit in slots in right-hand forearm

Beautiful deep blue finish

Stock is beautifully crafted

Distance between front & rear sights: 29.875″

Accessory rail: 10.25″

length of pull (LOP): 12.12″ – 12.50″

5.15 ft-lbs.

Includes owner’s manual, 7 Allen keys, four 5-shot clips, fill adapter & spanner (to remove reservoir)

Pictures Of This Excellent Airgun

S400 Biathlon Air Rifle S400 Biathlon Air Rifle S400 Biathlon Air Rifle


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