Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston® Review

1. Introduction

Pellet guns with break barrel mechanism are regarded as one of the best air rifles that are time-tested. The Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Break Barrel Air Rifle with the .22 caliber is a good example of this type of rifle.

Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22)

Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22)

Among air rifle producers to adopt the break barrel system is Crosman who have greatly extended their range of air guns product recently. This US manufacturer now continues to develop the famed Benjamin brand in its product portfolio. The new Trail NP (Nitro-Piston) pellet gun model is a really good looking one, especially the hardwood version. So I thought this air rifle deserve a proper review on this site.

2. Benjamin Trail NP Pellet Rifle Review


The Trail NP All Weather air rifle has a durable, all weather wood stock and rugged break barrel design. The 0.22 caliber weapons give 16% more downrange power than the 0.177 pellets. The rifle can produce a notable 23 muzzle FPE and velocity speeds of up to 950 FPS.

Break-barrel pellet guns such as this one may need a different holding practice compare to a traditional pneumatic pellet rifle. The gun should be held in the position “Artillery Hold,” which is basically just letting the fore arm of the rifle rest on an open palm.


  • Nitro piston power source
  • 0.22 caliber
  • Firing velocity up to 950 FPS
  • Eight-pound weight
  • 43-inch length
  • Bull barrel

First, for those who still not get the idea yet, this is a gas-powered air rifle. Instead of utilizing the spring to activate the piston, an internal cylinder which contains some kind of gas is compressed when the rifle is cocked. As firing, the compressed gas expands quickly within the cylinder and pushes the piston to eject the pellet.

The Trail NP is a well presented air rifle. In this model, Crosman’s creative Crosblock safety device is equipped, too. This device is a neat plastic part that safely locks the trigger.

For more accuracy, a Centerpoint Scope was mounted onto the gun. You can purchase the scope here at with a very good price.

Crosman CPA416AORG2 Centerpoint 4-16x40mm Riflescope

The metal finish on this air rifle is fine but not excellent. It is not very shiny and patchy compare to European standard.

This air rifle is described as Nitro Piston (NP), which indicates that producers use Nitrogen in the chamber. The first cocking action is quite demanding but will go smooth later.

Since there is no mainspring involved the NP driven air rifle makes almost no crunching and spring noise. The firing cycle is very smooth and slick without any vibrations that sometimes occurred in spring-driven rifles.

The Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Break Barrel Air Rifle has a two- stage trigger. The lock-time feels remarkably which a benefit of the gas-driven mechanism is. Lock-time in air gun terms is the time between pulling the trigger and the caliber leaving the muzzle.

The gas driven mechanism have some more advantage while shooting, such as little or almost no twisting when compared to a spring driven rifles. It is meant that the rotating twist effect as a spring moves forward is not present in the NP operation. This may help in handling the gun.

Shock absorbent part on the back

Shock absorbent part on the back

3. Conclusion

Overall, after several tests and evaluation, this air rifle is quite interesting. Actually I do not sure about the marketing line that gas driven mechanism is better than a spring driven air gun but it is truly a pleasant and comfortable shooting air rifle. In general, this is an excellent choice for a utility gun. You can use it on hunting, plinking or target shooting. The .22 caliber is common and cheap. The woodwork is beautiful and greasy.

Good airgun to shoot practice target.

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