Gamo Whisper – Silent Cat Review & Buying Guide

Updated on January 5, 2017

Gamo Silent CatThe Gamo Whisper – Silent Cat air rifle is undoubtedly one of the best air rifles under $200. This air rifle is suited perfectly for those looking to hunt small game but also be able to casually shoot targets and practice aim in the backyard. Another nice feature is the all-weather synthetic stock. No more worrying about shooting in the rain or if you need to cross a small river or stream when hunting.

This rifle features a .177 caliber barrel and weighs in at only 5.28 pounds – again making this a great rifle for small game hunting. The rifle comes with an 18” barrel and a 4×32 scope mounted on the stock. The scope isn’t the best but it’s a great starting point and is included!

Keep reading below for a full explanation of why I think this is one of the best air rifles on the market today. Or looking for a brief rundown of customer’s reviews who have purchased this rifle already?  Click below.


Noise Dampener/Silencer

The Gamo Silent Cat gets it’s name because of a removable noise dampener, or silencer, that comes with the rifle and is attached to the end of the barrel. Although not completely silent the addition of the noise dampener results in a significantly quieter shot every time – in fact it is extremely difficult to hear the gun fire when you’re stand more than 10 feet away.  Small game usually doesn’t hear any shot at all which results in more opportunities and more shots.

This is also a great feature when shooting at squirrels or taking part in some at-home target practice in the backyard – your neighbors won’t even know what you’re up to. And we can all agree that we rather our neighbors just leave us alone on our property.


Synthetic Stock & Appearance

This unique rifle has features a very handsome tactical look and feel – better suited for those looking for a more modern appearance over the the traditional wood stock that many rifles feature.  The synthetic stock matches that of many US based S.W.A.T. teams and the slender barrel with a flared end gives the gun a very aggressive look.

The overall design and mechanics of the stock is one of the best on the market today.  This stock design is extremely comfortable to hold for short periods of time or over day-long hunts through open fields or in the woods. The comfort of a stock should never be underestimated – an uncomfortable stock will almost always result in a decrease in accuracy.  Why pay for something that isn’t comfortable and has a negative impact on your shooting?

I believe that the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is one of the best looking guns available today.

The Stock Scope & Trigger

O.K. – this is the only issue I have with this rifle.  The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat comes with a 4×32 scope mounted on the stock – that’s great since some riles don’t come with any scope!  The problem is the scope isn’t the greatest.

Don’t get me wrong – the scope works just fine – even very well for novice to intermediate shooters.  The good news is that the discounted price of this rifle will usually leave most people with a little room in their budget to upgrade the scope – but I don’t recommend this unless you absolutely insist on having a top of the line scope.  Click here to read our reviews of the best air rifle scopes.


Close Up of Scope & Trigger

Additionally some Amazon reviews have had complaints about the stock trigger.  After spending 2 weeks with the Gamo Silent Cat we’ve found that most of these are unfounded.  Yes – when you first unpack the rifle there is a bit more resistance on the trigger than other rifles.  However, we found that after shooting about 150 rounds the trigger has worn in nicely and is actually superior to most other stock triggers.

In short – take the appropriate amount of time to properly break in your gun.  Don’t judge the rifle before you’ve gotten used to it and broken it in.


  • Advanced noise dampening/silencing – great for hunting and shooting in your backyard.
  • Custom ventilated rubber pad at the end of the stock makes for comfortable recoil absorption.
  • Comes with a scope already mounted – no need to buy a scope.
  • Cheek pads are mounted on both sides of the stock – great for lefties or righties.
  • Can fire lead ammunition up to 1,000 feet per second and PBA ammunition up to 1,200 feet per second.
  • Features a modern tactical design – people will stop and ask which rifle this is.
  • Perfect for hunting squirrels, ground hogs, chickens, turkeys, water fowl & all other small game.

Main Competitors

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat has a few great competitors – for the most part the difference in these air rifles comes down to aesthetics.  Here are the top 3 competitors:

  1. Hatsan 95 – Great price point – also under $200.
  2. Diana RWS – A pricier gun but beautiful wood finish and great performance.
  3. Crosman PCP Challenger – Pneumatic gun with aggressive tactical look and feel.

In The End…

Overall the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is one of the best guns on the market – especially at this price point. The silencer, shape and comfort of the stock, the accuracy and the velocity at which this gun fires are all very impressive. This rifle is perfect for beginner to novice shooters, hunters and for pest control around the house. This gun is also perfect for more advanced shooters who are looking for great value.

This rifle will work well and keep it’s owner happy for a very long time – I own two of them now! always has the best prices on this rifle. The Gamo website lists this rifle for $239.00 but Amazon almost always has it for under $160.00 – anything under $160 is a great price and should be taken advantage of right away.  And don’t forget – when you buy from the shipping is free!