RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54 and Scope Review

1. Introduction

The RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54 Combo Rifle or RWS 54 Air King Air Rifle is among best pellet guns available and it worth every penny! The gun prides it self with great accuracy and the famous anti-recoil loading action. In the review of this air rifle I will discuss the best features and have some words for each.

2. Real Review Of RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54

Out of the box, even the best factory inspected air rifles may have some sort of covert grease in the barrel so remember to clean it well before shooting. You will just need to do it once and it is expected to hear some noise in the first pellet shot – not in my case, though. The best feature of this pellet gun is probably the recoilless floating action. This mechanism works great and this air rifle shoots brilliantly. You get what you pay for, in my case it is the most accurate air rifle driven by spring piston I’ve ever used so far. You will not be afraid to miss the sight picture and even if you do, it is effortlessly to re-adjust the sight. At 10 to 70 yards, my best record on this air rifle was ten times in a row. Again, the anti-recoil mechanism did its magic to persuade me put this air gun into my top rated pellet guns category.

RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54 Combo Scope and air Rifle

The 4X scope do its role in plinking. Generally, it is fine with practice or you just want to have fun with it. For other shooting purposes such as hunting I think the best air rifle scope is Centerpoint brand. You may need to put on the anti-droop mounts and good rings make the scope fit to your desire. Click here to see very good rings available.

The new combo includes all features to make it the best air rifle for hunting and plinking or practicing: the RWS 54 Air King pellet gun magnificent recoilless mechanism, the power of the Centerpoint Scope and the robustness of the good mounts and rings. I can shoot easily and hit most of my targets due to its great accuracy. This air rifle is great for hunting small games such as squirrels, birds, varmints etc.

RWS Pellet Gun Model 54 with a Centerpoint Scope

After testing and actual using, there are some pros and cons for this air rifle. It owns most of features that all top air rifles should have! It is very powerful and extremely accurate. The trigger is great and the recoilless mechanism is flawless. What I really like is you can adjust between plinking and hunting easily. Normally, target shooting is from short-distance to long-distance operation while hunting focuses mostly long-ranged targets. Also, the rear stock is very beautiful. The foregrip offers a good grip with checkering pattern. You can hold the gun tightly and shoot confidently.

A small problem is that you must spend more on accessories to make it a truly good air rifle versatile for both hunting and practice. You can buy good scope, rings and the anti-droop mounts on Amazon with good deals now and then.

This pellet gun has top notch finished stock

The checkering patter offers a very good grip on this pellet gun

3. Conclusion

Overall you will not regret owning this great pellet gun! It is worthy as your one-stop instrument for man that will be with you for a very long time. Spend a little effort on cleaning and mounting a suitable scope (if necessary) and you will find it is the best air rifle for the money you have ever invested in.

Amazon offers a very good deal on this excellent pellet gun!

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