Best Deer Hunting Rifle: Pellet Gun And Head Shot

Now you can expect the best deer hunting rifle for you may be an air-powered one. Actually pellet guns are undergoing a reborn which may seem totally different for archery hunting or muzzleloaders hunting. The newly achieved technology as the Crosman Nitro Piston-powered break barrel air rifles or Benjamin re-charged pneumatic (PCP) pellet guns can allow hunters to use airguns for big game such as hog hunting or coyotes hunting. See 7 Best Air Rifle Reviews

With proper pellet even deer hunting is possible for pellet gun. Airgun hunting, just like archery hunting or muzzleloaders hunting, is not a new idea but there are many considerations to be taken into account order to be successful.

Generally pellet rifles for hunting do not create the velocity of a firearm that is why it is quite significant to be known that pellet guns have shorter effective range. The caliber also does not the the cutting ability of a broadhead arrow which means head shot target is the most effective way to take down the animal.

Head shots are not kept only for big game but this technique can be used equally on small games suc as rabbits, woodchucks, squirrels and pests such as rats. The heart or lung shot is deep-rooted in shooters from an early age because it this area is large and easy to spot, moreover this area has many vital points and the animal will die for sure once being hit. For air guns even an impact on the chest will not always warranty a sure death. Sometimes if the impact is not strong enough, the hunters will likely lose the animals.

Choose the best deer hunting pellet rifle for you

Veteran firearm hunters often aim for a neck to quickly take down an animal. The deer in the photo above was shot in the head from 43 yards with the Benjamin Rogue .357. The caliber makes a hole with size of a dime on the wound but does not penetrate all the way through the head. It results in an excellent results: the meat was undamaged and the trophy was intact. The buck was down instantly so there was no need of tracking. In other cases, hunters took down a 180 pound hog at 50 yards and a prairie dog at 135 yards. Those evidences show that a accurately aimed head shot is the best method to shoot with an pellet gun. Professional airgun hunter and writer Jim Chapman suggested that shooting in 40-50 yards will bring the best results since the exact shot target is more important than the power. (Whitetail Hunt at Michigan’s Deer Tracks Ranch, 2009).

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Crosman proposals an Airgun Hunting Capabilities Guide to help users to determine what Crosman or Benjamin air rifle is the best pellet gun for their need. The guide was developed from the experience of several expert outdoorsmen who are especially skilled in multiple hunting disciplines. Best air rifle for hunting from .177 caliber up to the revolutionary Benjamin Rogue .357 are also referred along with suitable pellets and estimated velocities and foot-pounds of energy (FPE). The guide indicates some popular small, medium and larger games and suggested effective distances for shooting each species. Of course it is recommended that a headshot in the kill zone is the way to go. There are some species such as deer and other large games that can be take down using airguns but that will require a lot of practice and disciplines.

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Hunting with a good air rifle is an interesting challenge of close chase across various species if a head shot is your fist shot count. Eventually the ballistics and the accuracy of the shooter will decide your sucees, therefore take care of your distance and know your capabilities.

Are you ready to hunt? We recommend you to check your local laws and visit our store to find the best pellet gun for hunting that fit your needs.

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