The Four Best Pellet Guns For Pleasant Shooting

It is important to understand that the advertised high velocity does not make the gun the best pellet gun; there are many factors that are more important. These factors decide the overall quality of the pellet gun, not just the velocity alone.

Most of the things that new gun user think of are actually incorrect due to misleading advertisement. For example, an air rifle that fires at 1600 fps with .177 calibers is not likely a good one if it is hard to cock, loud, and inaccurate.

Another thing to know is that as a pellet reaches the sound barrier (about 1080 fps), the air around it becomes very turbulent, which reduces accuracy. Experienced air-gunners prefer their air rifles to shoot at 900 fps or lower. Many Olympic shooters loves to shoot at 560 fps.

So what do you need to know to choose the best air rifle for yourself? Firstly first, you need to make all that recoil perform with the artillery hold. It means that you hold the gun loosely while keeping your aim. The next thing is shooting and see if the pellets came with the gun group or not. If they do not group, it is necessary to get heavier ones to see which type suits your air gun best. Of course, you need the right gun, and the four top airguns could do on the range and in the field are the Air Venturi Bronco, the Benjamin Trail NP XL1500, the RWS Model 48 and the Benjamin Marauder.

Four Best Pellet Guns For Pleasant Shooting

1. Air Venturi Bronco Air Rifle Review

Air Venturi Bronco Air Rifle Review

The Bronco is a little slow for hunting but it’s great for target shooting, equipped with a crisp 2-pound, 2-stage trigger. It is easy to cock (around 18 lbs force) and relatively quiet. The Bronco is very accurate in short range shooting. The 10.65-grain H&N Baracuda Match ammo and the Tech Force 4×32 scope are good accessories for this air gin. You can fire many shots in a nickel at 12 yards with a little experience with this great pellet rifle.


The trigger is great and the wood stock is well made. The quality sights and an automatic safety make this air rifle a great bargain.


Some shooters think the stock is not powerful enough for game.

Where to buy?

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Main features

  • .177 caliber
  • Break-barrel, spring-piston single-shot
  • 6.5 lb.
  • Up to 600 fps
  • Adjustable open sights with 7/16″ dovetail for scope

2. Benjamin Trail NP XL1500 Pellet Gun Review

This air gun is driven by nitro-piston (NP) which reduces noise and recoil compared with ordinary steel spring. The 1500 number refers to its maximum velocity with light pellets. You do not need to concern about that, because with heavier lead pellets, this pellet gun actually shoot very great. The gun has a bull barrel and an ambidextrous thumbhole stock. The trigger is a little hard to cock but its famous accuracy and power on small game make a trade-off. My best groups using 10.5-grain Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum pellets are five shots inside a nickel at 25 yards. The trigger is set at around 3.4 pounds force.


Strong and accuracy for squirrels and pests.


It is quite heavy and hefty (10 pounds with scope) and the safety control is not automatic.

Where to buy

This high performance pellet gun is perfect for plinkers and small game hunters. You can read more about this air gun.

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Main features

  • .177 caliber
  • Break-barrel, nitro-piston single-shot
  • 8.5 lb. without scope, 10 lbs with scope
  • Up to 1500 fps

3. Diana RWS 48 Air Rifle Review

Diana RWS 48 Air Rifle

This air gun is loved buy many serious shooters. This is one of the best pellet guns with lots of potentials. The 48 cocks through a side lever, which is more versatile than a break-barrel cocking mechanism. This is a good advantage for hunting small games. The excellent TO6 trigger is fully adjustable. This air rifle is best used with 14.3-grain Crosman Premiers for maximum effectiveness.


Good looking and well balanced, this is the best air rifle for small games and varmints.


Everything has two sides, and this pellet rifle is no exception. The slanting barrels are not appreaciated and the scope mounts are abysmal.

Where to buy?

You can explore this air gun’s impressive capabilities more. There is an excellent review about it.

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Main features

  • .22 caliber
  • Side-lever, spring-piston ­single-shot
  • 8.5 lb.
  • Up to 900 fps
  • Adjustable open sights with a 7/16″ dovetail for scope

4. Benjamin Marauder Pre-Charged Pneumatic Pellet Rifle Quick Review

This is the best air gun for me. This Benjamin product is proudly made in the USA and it is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air gun. You do not to cock this one but fill its air reservoir to around 3,000 psi instead. It shoots quietly and insanely strong. An air rifle scope CenterPoint 3–9x40mm scope is suggested for this beast. Personally love to shoot at pressures between 1900 and 2300 psi, resulting in a quarter-size groups using 27.8-grain Benjamin .25 ammo at the distance of 50 yards.


This is absolutely an excellent air rifle with a 2-stage, match trigger. Some users who owned this air gun claim that it can take down even Lynx.


The magazine is not included, and this air gun require a break time to get it real smooth.

It is also a little pricy, but you get what you pay for. I recommend buying it at Amazon, since you can utilize their Prime 30 days unconditional money back warranty.

Where to buy:

You may want to read more about this great airgun before take your wallet. Read the full review here.

Main features

  • .25 caliber
  • Bolt-action PCP
  • 8 lb.
  • Up to 900 fps
  • No sights, 7/16″ dovetail for scope

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