Hunting Squirrel: Best Tactics And Air Rifles

The best air rifle and good tactics are necessary for getting these sneaky squirrels without wounding or losing them. Hunting squirrels are not simply chasing and get them as pocket crackers but it is a skill that need to be practiced and developed through time. Hunting squires is also a good practice before entering larger and more dangerous games.

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squirrel hunting with air rifle

1. How To Lure Squirrels To Your Hunting Place?

Squirrels tend to remain still when predators get close. If you are sitting in a potential hunting area, for example under an oak tree, use your hand to make some sound in broken pattern by stirring the leaves. This action imitate the sound of a squirrel that is searching for food, which lure other squirrels into your hunting area.

2. Find Your Easy Targets

You may find many relaxing squirrels along creeks and streams surrounded by woods such as oak, sycamores, ash and hickory trees. If you keep your movement in your kayak or canoe minimized and silent, you can spot many squirrels that are very relaxing since they do not anticipate any danger from water. Get the best pellet rifle aim and shoot fast. Be careful to shoot once at a time if you are with friends. Also, be sure to shoot in sitting position to help reduce the chance the other preys may notice you.

3. Sneaky Spotting & Stalking

Generally squirrels are very active during daylight hours, so you can expect a good hunt in morning or evening. First thing first, you must expect some productive hunting areas where squirrels exist. There places often have acorns, beech and hickory nuts which are squirrels’ favorite food. You should approach the preys slowly, with your back against the sun. Step silently 2-3 steps at a time. Open your eyes to catch unpressured squirrels that did not sense your coming.

4. The Ultimate Companion: A Good Dog

A good hound dog can sense squirrels from far away and rush to location to circle them. With the pressure of the dog’s bark, the scared squirrels instinctively flee to the back of the tree that is facing the dog. To escape, they tend to move around the trunk and branches and this is the opportunity for the hunters. If the shot does not kill the preys, hound dogs can help capture them if they fall down.

5. Typical Squirrels For Hunting

Fox Squirrels
Mostly found from Pennsylvania into the Great Plains states, fox squirrels are the largest of all tree squirrels. They have gray fur in the back and tangerine orange fur in the belly and tail. They often live in small woods that have some open areas.

Gray Squirrels
Gray squirrels are the most common of all tree squirrels. The eastern gray squirrels live across New England to the Great Plains while the western gray squirrels live in Pacific Coast. The eastern gray squirrels can be found in both forest and urban areas. They have medium size and the fur color varies from gray, black, white or brown.

Abert’s Squirrels
The Abert’s Squirrels live mostly in ponderosa pine forests in the western and southwestern USA. They have long and gray-black ear tufts and unlike other species, the Abert’s Squirrels do not store food. Instead, they broaden their food sources by eating all different parts of pines such as needles, bark, cones…

Pine Squirrels
Pine Squirrels can be found in the western part of the USA. This group composes of red, pine and Mearns squirrels and is the smallest in the family. They often store seeds and pinecones beneath the den tree. One thing you should know that these little fellows are pretty noisy, which means if your cover is revealed, they can alarm all other neighbors.


6. Best Pellet Guns For Squirrels Hunting

The uncompensationable companion in squirrels hunting is a good airgun. Buy the best air rifle you can. The following suggestions are the four best pellet rifles you can look for.

Crosman PCP Challenger Pellet Gun: This air rifle has been approved as legitimate for usage in Sporter Class air rifle competition by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council’s committee. Click to read more.

Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Air Rifle with Sight

Gamo Buckmasters Squirrel Terminator Air Rifle: This Spanish made air rifle is famed as the Jackie Bushman airgun, which features the latest technology of Gamo: the Turbo Stabilizing System which give you more control and velocity. Read more about its features here. Click to read more.

Gamo Buckmasters Squirrel Terminator Air Rifle

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle: The Hatsan model 95 air rifle is the best pellet gun in the cost-effective tier which is great for plinking and pest control –and squirrels are no big deal! Click to read more reviews.

Benjamin Marauder Pre-Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle: The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle is one of the best iconic hunting pellet guns everyone probably ever heard or known of. It is beautiful and strong with PCP mechanism. Click to see more.

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