Wood Pigeon Hunting With An Air Rifle

Hunt Wood pigeon with air rifle

Wood pigeon air rifle hunting is very rewarded and fun.

Wood pigeon are cautious but they are delicious, that is why hunting wood pigeon with your best air rifle is the probably the most rewarding small game. Wood pigeon are smaller than city pigeons and they can be found in dense woodland or near rural farm barns and sheds. It is a good idea to hunt wood pigeons in a farm since it is convenient and much more relaxing than entering the thick woodland. Be sure to ask for the farm owner’s permission first before go hunting.

Top 5 Air Rifles For Wood Pigeon Hunting

As said, the wood pigeons are natural inhabiting birds which are completely different from those ignorant city folks; they are very timid and cautious so the best way to hunt them is a using a good air rifle for their excellent silence. Also, you do not need a license for using airguns, which may be a plus. In fact, the best air rifle can be as good as the real deal which is able to take down even deer. That is being said, you should save your money to get a really good air rifle to accompany you in all sorts of games. A decent pellet gun ranged around $300 – $800, sometime you can find a rough-diamond with cheap price and spend some time to modify them into a great one. These air rifles are listed as the writer’s preference and experience. You can read a thoughtful guide about How to choose the best pellet gun.

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle

This UK made pellet rifle may be your eternal keeper! It is exceptionally beautiful and built with the highest attention to details and craftsmanship. The S510 must be one of the most accurate guns on the world and once use it, you will have an unforgettable impression! You should buy the .22 calibers option for a general choice. It may be costly but it worth every penny.

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle

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Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

In my opinion, the best one-stop purchase air rifle for pigeon control is the Benjamin Marauder. This excellent PCP driven pellet gun is long famed for its hunting ability, even large games as turkey, fox, hogs and coyotees are no issue. It is also user-friendly and you will find it is extremely easy to use even you are new in this sport. Read a thoughtful review about this legendary air rifle: CLICK TO READ.

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

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Crosman PCP Challenger

Famed as the newest and best pellet gun for competition, this airgun has been approved as legitimate for usage in Sporter Class air rifle competition by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council’s committee. It is very ideal for small games due to its superb accuracy. CLICK TO READ.

Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber

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RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54

Also known as RWS 54 Air King Air Rifle, this one is among best pellet guns available and it worth every penny! The gun prides itself with great accuracy and the famous anti-recoil loading action which will deliver a smooth and comfortable shooting experience in most of pest and bird hunt. You can see more real hunting action of the RWS 54 in this review: CLICK TO READ.

RWS .22 Pellet Gun Model 54 Combo Scope and air Rifle

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Hatsan 95 Air Rifle

This rough diamond is probably the best pellet gun in the cost-effective class. The scope and mounts are average but the rifle itself is stunning in both look and shooting performance, you can’t go wrong on this deal! Click here to see how a user turn this rough diamond into a shining luxury treasure.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo

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Camo Netting For Your Hiding Area

Beside the air rifle, it is also important to have other hunting accessories as well. You will need decoys to lure the pigeons in. These dummy pigeons are mostly made of plastic, which imitate real pigeons. As the real pigeons see the decoys, they will tend to land into this area. The decoys are very cheap, so buying about 6 dummy pigeons will be quite enough.

Pigeon Decoys

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Camouflage and netting are necessary. Like other birds, wood pigeons have very good eyesight. They can detect human face from faraway; therefore it is a good sense to hide yourself in camouflage hunting clothes and camo net. These setting will help you blend in the environment and will not scare the preys away. Of course, you have to choose suitable color for every environment. The camo woodland color seems to be a generic one and suits well with many areas.

Camo Netting

[aio_button align=”center” animation=”center” color=”red” size=”small” icon=”none” text=”buy Camo Netting on Amazon” target=”_blank” relationship=”nofollow” url=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NPMNNUY/?tag=3bpromo_jefklak-20″]

You will also need some hide poles to hold your netting. You can also use sticks or branches but it is not like you can always find them. Using a set of poles will save your time, and they are much more stable and durable.

Pigeon Shooting Tips And Tricks

There are some pigeon shooting decoying tips and tricks which you can apply. The key for doves hunting is patience. No need of complicated move, just set up your hiding place and patiently wait there. You should find a crop field bordered by woodland. You can hide in the woodland for better cover and of course it is more comfortable under trees’ shadow than being on the sunny field. It is recommended to set up the hiding place up with the wind behind since it will be helpful as the wood pigeons land near the dummy baits.

The decoys are one of the most important tool just after the air rifle. The arrangement should be in V shape, with your ambush place on the wing side. This V pattern will encourage the pigeons to land, and the side position provide great vision. Remember that wood pigeons are very cautious, even a glare from sunglass or metal will scare them off. So keep calm and bear with the uncomfortable condition, no sun glass, no perfume and no exposed body parts. Get your air rifle in the ready state so you do not have to load them later.

Arrange the decoys in T-shape pattern to encourage the pigeons to land.

It is best to aim your air rifle slightly off to the front of the pigeons head, since the moment the pellet is about to hit, the bird naturally reacts to the incoming object and try to fly out. You can predictably adjust the hitting point off front to reimburse the movement. Although the pigeon head is small, it is the best place to knock out the prey instantly and the whole body is not damaged, hence the meat is tastier.

Every time you have shot down a pigeon, rush to the area to capture kill and quickly get back to your hiding place. Put the kill in a bag and wait for another prey to land.

Enjoy Your Rewards

Professional hunters can catch hundreds kills each hunt but the cost of their gears are very expensive, and the time and effort they have spent to set up all things as well as to practice their skills is ridiculous high. You can get around a dozen wood pigeons each hunt with just a little of practice. That will be enough for you and it is free. There are many ways to cook pigeons, and it is even better when the meat is fresh.

pan fried wood pigeon salad

Farmers will be happy if you hunt down some wood pigeons since they always eat their crops. You can give some of the birds to land owner to express your gratitude, too. It is a common sense, and it will be beneficial for your next hunt. Also, the best pellet gun is the one you used the most, remember to clean and maintain your air-gun well after each hunt. Keep calm and aim well.

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