Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting

Big bore airguns have become more and more popular recently and they are considered as the best air rifles for predators and larger game hunting. In fact, the larger bore pellet rifles have been invented hundreds years ago. There are some hunters who are able to take down bucks from 50 yards with these big bad boys.

Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting 1

Big Bore airgun can take down a deer from 50 yards.

Some years before, most big bore air rifles are custom-made but currently, there are airgun manufacturers have already made them such as ShinSung, Sam Yang or Sumatra. The impact of these big bore pellet guns are as good as the real firearm if you aim well at the vital points.
The bullet for big bore pellet rifle hunter vary in weights and shapes. You can use 170, 200, and 220 grain versions or made your own custom bullets.

Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting 2

The pellets for big bore airguns.

These big boys are quite versatile and can be used for small, medium and large game. Popular games such as feral hogs, bucks and turkey are no big deal. Even in some areas, you can hunt coyote, bobcats, fox, raccoons, woodchucks, nutria, and crows, too. Using these airguns, the hunters will be able to hone their skills to the highest level since every game is very challenging, which is very similar to bow hunting. A big bore air rifle can be used in place of firearm with a quieter shooting performance. With such challenging and performance, the joy and results are really rewarded.

Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting 3

Porcupine hunting with big bore aiguns.

Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting 4

Large game such as board is no big deal.

Big Bore Air Rifles Hunting steinbuck

Steinbuck shot down by big bore pellet rifle.

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