Guide To Choose The Best Air Rifle Scope

The best air rifle is not complete without a good scope, which is essential for the highest accurate shooting performance.
You should know two basic points before go in details about choosing the suitable scope:
– If you use a recoilless air rifle such as a pre-charged pneumatic airgun, single-cock pneumatic or CO2 driven pellet gun, virtually any scope can be used.
– A spring driven pellet rifle is diffirent since you have to to pick out a scope that is matched with the recoil rating of that air gun.
Knowing the basic points, you should be aware that there are two features of air rifle scope are different from those of a firearm scope. They are the adjustable objective and the anchored optics mounted on the handle of the two way recoil of a spring pellet gun. The details are explained in the following paragraphs.

air rifle scope aim

Choose the best scope for your air rifle! It will worth a treasure in your hunting trip.

Good Airgun Scope Have Good Adjustable Objective

The adjustable objective feature that is suitable for airgun allows the users to zoom for any distance from a close distance of 10 yards to the horizon. In most cases, firearm scopes are set for 100 yards or more to provide accommodations for long distance shooting which is typical in firearm hunting. On the other hand, air rifle hunting, like bow hunting, requires shooters to get close to the targets (typically 20 to 50 yards); therefore airgun scopes must allow the user to change the parallax to accommodate for shorter shooting distances. This feature is necessary to get the most accurate air rifle.

Specific Anchored Optics For Spring Aiguns

Anchored optics are the optics anchored front and back to lever the forward and backward recoil initiated by the mainspring’s movement. Recoil in a spring air rifle is different than that of in a firearm. It is not only the total of recoil that matters but the recoil direction has effect as well. The mainsprings is the reason why a pellet gun makes recoil backward and forward whereas firearms only recoil backward. The two-direction recoil action is the main cause of damaging ordinary scopes. That is why an anchored optics are necessary.
Firearms scopes have optics anchored to lever the backward drive of the recoil. while air rifle scopes require specific anchored optics that are able to to handle the two-way recoil movement caused by the mainspring action. Remember that all recoil ratings are not the same which mean that not all airgun-rated scopes are the same. You should check the recoil ratings carefully before buying. Even though a manufacturer may rate a scope for airguns, it may not handle all spring airguns. There are air rifle rated scopes designed to be used with light recoil airguns while others are made to handle the medium or high recoil spring pellet guns. Air rifles typically will be listed with note of Low, Medium, High or No Recoil. Most scopes are also shown if they are suitable with low, medium or high Recoil air rifles.

air rifle scope terminology

Knowing some of the air rifle scope terminology will help you choose a good one.

All in all, that are basic airgun scopes features. If you want to know more, you should read specific air rifle scope reviews on our website, which are the real feedback from users who have used and experience many types of airguns and scopes.

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