Basic Air Rifle Maintenance And Care

Proper Care and Maintenance Of Air Rifles

A good air rifle or airgun will perform best shooting potential and remain smooth for a good long period of time if it is properly maintained and cared. Any lack of maintenance will result to wear and rust, losing the real power and accuracy. Wrong lubrication move can damage the pellet gun and even injure users. That is said, the best air rifle is the one always perform full potential. There are various systems and designs today and specific maintenance should be done. You can get a basic air rifle maintenance kit for regular use or attend to authorized air rifle maintenance courses for advanced knowledge. Other than that, go for professional service shop for best result.

Take care of your air rifle for best performance. Buy a good air rifle maintenance to keep them safe.

Basic Air Rifle Maintenance Guide

The Compression Chamber is the share of the receiver that actual air compression occurs when the piston moves forward in shooting movement. The seal of the piston in modern air guns is mostly made of artificial material that is self-lubricating. This part of the air gun should only be lubricated by an official service gun shop during routine maintenance.

Air rifles with recoilless spring-piston require very little lubrication. This action should only be done during routine maintenance, too. Never over lube and remember to use all lubes carefully, followed the direction.

The mainsprings are the stores of the energy delivered by cocking the air rifle. They should be lubricated occasionally to expand smoothly with no, or less friction and vibration. The mainspring is located in the spring cylinder. The spring cylinder contains the piston, the mainspring, and the spring guide shaft.

In most case, the metal mainsprings ultimately have some sort of cant. That is the reason why all surfaces here are polished and lubricated for maximum performance. Simple but proper treatment can somewhat increase the gun’s velocity and smoothness.

The recoilless guns’ mainsprings require light occasional lubrication and for the best bet, it also should be done by an official service shop, too. The pellet guns that are used extensively should be maintained at least once a year in the shop.

Cocking Lever Linkages take extensive pressure in shooting action which is the reason why proper lubrication for these parts are really necessary to guarantee smooth operation and slightest wear.

Barrel Pivot Points and detents need regular lubrication with a light polarizing oil to prevent rust and wear. Do not overuse the oil and make sure the low flash point oils are away from air vent and breech seal.

Trigger Mechanisms in any air rifle are recommended to be maintained only be professional service gun shop.

Bore Cleaning. Air rifles do not require powder or primers, they are not likely to be stuck with dirt and rust. However, it is recommended to clean them with airgun oil to insure the best accuracy. Remember that accuracy decreases severely due to encrusted grease residues driven into the bore from leading and from the compression chamber. Most accuracy problems are the related with dirty bores. Always clean the bore and leave a light air gun oil coating oil on the bore for storage. Use dry patches to clean until all oil trace is completely clean out. It is recommended to shoot a few cleaning pellets to make them balance.

The Exterior Surfaces should be cleaned frequently with a silicone cloth to preserve the finish quality. A gun should be coated with high-grade polarizing oil before storage.

Use the highest quality pellets to protect your airgun.

Good Pellets are recommended. You should use only high grade pellets to avoid unsafe oils and lowly crafted abrasive material and gun-wrecking. The best precise pellet guns are meant for use with lead shot or pellets. On the other hand, steel shot or darts will damaged the rifled bores. Securely placed pellets will not show rub marks on rear of skirt if the breech is resurrected before firing. Broken or used, or pellets of unknown origin may be unsafe. Plastic jacketed pellets may cause dangerous rebound, extreme piston impact and disproportionate penetration which are not good for your pellet rifle at all.

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