Can You Take Down A Hog With Air Rifle?

Have you ever questioned that what the best air rifle for hunting large games such as hogs or deer is? With such large games, a .25 caliber airgun is recommended. Airgun hunting is much more related with bow hunting when hunters have to approach the preys and aim well at the vital points. Proper hit will take down the kill silently and effortlessly.
In this video, the shooter use a Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle .25 to take down a 100lb hog instantly with an accurate head shot. As you can see, head shot is the key for such instant kill. Read this article for more clarify about taking down large games with air rifle.

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In another video, a hunter silently take down a ram horn in the middle of the pack. Even he miss once, the animals are hardly notice due to the superb silence of the air rifle. These wild sheep are known for their great endurance, still, with honed skill and a good airgun, the job is humanely done.

As you can see, with a pellet gun of .25 or above, hunting big games is at a breeze, and you will be rewarded with honing skill of approaching and aiming.
There was a time that air rifles are underrated but with such modern technology, airgun sport has revived and become one of the most leading instrument for outdoor men. Airguns can do everything a firearm can with some more advantages: the legitimate of using, the superb silence, the cost of calibers and safety concern. Airgun can be used for shooting practice as well as hunting both small and big games, even in survival situation, air rifles have their place as a self reliance tool, too. Buy the best air rifle you can afford and enjoy your wild life.

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