Quick Check On Air Rifle Scope

A good air rifle scope can improve greatly the accuracy of all air rifles and its benefit is spread toward both beginners and experienced shooters. It is true that every shooter who owns a decent air rifle scope can have a more pleasant shooting experience. Basically, an airgun scope will help magnify the target and offer a reticle to aim easier. The scope is essential for small game hunting or pest control, where an accurate first shot count is a must.

This article will briefly explain the main important points that you should know if you want to buy the best air rifle scope. Detailed explain will be discussed in another article on this website.

Choose the best air rifle scope can make your shooting experience much more enjoyable.

Choose the best air rifle scope can make your shooting experience much more enjoyable.

Know Your The Recoil Rating Of Your Gun

PCP, single or multi pump pneumatic and CO2 gas compressed air rifle can use almost any type of scope. However, a spring piston air rifle needs a specific scope that has matching recoil rating. See detailed definition of pellet gun here.

Adjustable Objective

The size of the opening surface on the airgun scope is defined as the objective. The larger the opening is, the more light is passed through the scope, which enables user to magnify the target more. This means that scopes with a larger objective have greater magnification capabilities. You should choose scopes that have adjustable objective. They allow you to achieve best accuracy by observing various distance.


The reticle is a grid or pattern placed in the eyepiece of a scope to establish scale or position. It plays an important role in shooting. There are many types of reticles but in this article only popular and practical types are mentioned:

  • Crosshair reticle: 2 straight lines crossing each other at the center.
  • Dotted Crosshair reticle: A dotted crosshair is a crosshair reticle with a small dot at the center.
  • Duplex Reticle reticle: This type is a crosshair with thicker lines at the edges and thinner lines in the center.
  • Mil-Dot Reticle reticle: A mil-dot reticle offers dots of a controlled size spaced along the crosshairs for better accuracy.

Anchored Optics

A firearm only recoils backward while spring driven airguns recoils both forward and backward. Hence, an optics that are anchored to the actual gun are necessary.

A scope that suits your air rifle will boost up the accuracy. Your firing experience will become much more enjoyable. A spring pistol air rifle needs more consideration when a scope is in need. Take these suggestions into accounts and choose the best scope you can. It worth your investment.

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