Some Best Air Rifle Companies You Should Know

The Long Debate

It is a long debate when discussing about who made the best air rifles because the quality of a specified brand may commonly vary among their models. However, every brand features its own notable traits which are mostly presented in all models of production. Whenever you are considering an air rifle purchase, it is good to be aware of these (sometimes minor) differences. The differences can be good or bad depend on your own taste, but it won’t hurt to know more. Read this to see a thorough guide of choosing air rifles or see the comparison table here for better reference.


Gamo is a somewhat middle range air rifle manufacturer. The company basement is in Spain and they produce a fairly good number of solid airguns. For example, the Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT is a typical fine airgun that Gamo produces. It is one of the best break barrel airguns available on the market today.

Bone Colector

Gamo pellet guns are great cost effective guns for starters but for investment, their products are not the best bet. Gamo airguns tend to work very well for a little while, then their performance is not as good as that of their prime time. This is due to the affordable materials that Gamo used on their product, which keeps the prices so great, but they are also not long lasting. It is an obvious and reasonable tradeoff that many people are willing to take on. Overall, choosing Gamo brands is a very good way to step into the airgun sport.


Beeman used to be one of the few companies that made great pellet rifles. However, as there is more advancing technology and more and more manufacturers step in the market, which make air guns become better and more competitive, Beeman products have fallen behind the newcomers.

It is not that they are lazy thinkers. In fact, Beeman designers have been trying to innovate many things with decent results, but they have not predict potential problems. They had great ideas, some are really good, but they forgot to test them extensively or spend more effort to refine them. For a better illustration, let’s take a look at the Beeman RS1 Dual-Caliber. It is a clever idea that enable you to switch barrels between a .177 and a .22. This is really an excellent idea when an air rifle can shoot both .177 and .22 calibers. However, the reality is always harsh. The gun recoil is so powerful that the screw that holds the barrel becomes loosen, thus decrease accuracy drastically. The loosen screw also jiggle around with every shot. While the idea of dual calibers is good, it will be better if Beeman refine the gun joints and solve the issues before releasing the product. With a proud history, Beeman could come back to their prime again if they test and execute their guns properly; as for now, there are still a lot of things for them to do.


Crosman is really a mix bag. Some models are just like novelty airguns for someone who wish to be a hero of the old movies. On the other hand, Crossman have made some outstanding and trademark models, such as the Benjamin Marauder or the PCP Challenger. The Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle is an extremely compact keepsake that will last forever, and of course everyone should have own or have a try at it. Crossman is neither good nor bad. It depends on specific model that will decide the quality, so read airgun reviews carefully, or go to a shooting club to choose the right one.




Winchester is a long famed brand with good products. Every Winchester air gun produced has the same standard quality until now. Their reputation and quality is inherited which is a good thing.

The drawback is that Winchester air rifles are designed for experienced shooters. Winchester is not difficult to use but there are many adjustable features which can cause a beginner to confuse, thus he or she cannot maximize the gun performance. The scope is particular complex for newbies, however it will give you a great shot if properly set up by veteran. So, if you have been into air rifles for a good time, buy a Winchester without hesitation. It will not disappoint you.



RWS makes some of the best air rifles for the money. The RWS Diana Model 34 is one of the best selling air rifles on the market today. This airgun has become popular for no reason. It is solid, beautiful, friendly to user, easy to load or maintain, and on top of that, it is very easy to fire with. It features great sights which make accurate shot and it is also compatible with various types of pellets.


Most other products of RWS is of the same quality, too. Their features reflect renown precised German engineering tecnologies. A good thing is that RWS has great customer service. If there is any issue with your RWS air rifle, contact them and they will figure out a solution for you. Sometimes customers will get a free replacement of some airgun parts as well. RWS airguns are a little more expensive than those of Gamo or Crosman, but you get what you pay for. RWS offers good products with excellent customer service.

Who Made The Best Air Rifles?

Nevertheless, the best air rifle you want is the one that suits you best. For example, a certain shooter cannot feel comfortable with a RWS Diana Model 34 with issues with handling or resting against their shoulder but he feel so good with a Crossman PCP Challenger with its comfy butt pad. Each of us is an unique individual with different characteristics and so is gun. Some designs are suitable to you, some are not. It is best if you try some different pellet guns before deciding a purchase to find the best air rifles for you. As you feel good with a certain one, get used to it and maximum its performance.

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